Ellie worked to really get to know me and what I was envisioning for my wedding…even though I wasn’t quite sure what it was. She met with us often, gave us so many options and took my indecision in stride. I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect or more me. The fact that she could take my vague ideas and Pinterest Wedding Board and turn it into reality is nothing short of a miracle.

Erin K.

Ellie – holy cow!  Again bringing a vision to life is a gift of yours!  The venue was absolutely stunning!  The florals were beyond expectations and I personally have never seen anything so spectacular!  Weaving in the glassware, the table runners, and Erin’s dream into your design was again, absolutely masterful.  We have heard so many comments from guests that they have never attended a more beautiful wedding in their entire life and I have to agree.  What you created was an absolute work of art! Erin’s bouquet was magnificent!

Candace Lynch

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being immersed in the wedding and event industry for 16+ years. Throughout those years I’ve established genuine and meaningful relationships with venues and vendors all across the midwest. However, there are very few who push the boundaries of convention and strive for innovation in their respective sector like Ellabank Blossoms. Krista and Ellie are a powerhouse of passion, talent, education and integrity. They strive to elevate the client experience for all the right reasons. If you’re searching for a floral duo who sets the standard, Ellabank is the destination.

Riley Mullane 

I’ve known Krista all of my life. She encouraged me to purchase a floral shop right out of college with the understanding she would work with me. From there Covington + Company, an upscale floral + design business was launched. Not only has Krista been the backbone of my companies since their inception, she is truly the reason I am where I am today. Her intuitive design abilities and knowledge of floral, elevated every opportunity and her commitment to creating and pushing the envelope as to what is possible, is undoubtedly the reason for our success.  Not only is she one of the most loyal and intelligent individuals I know, her humor and charismatic nature is sure to leave an impression with everyone she meets.  Her faith has made me a better person and her passion for design, real estate, architecture, automobiles, and fried food are just a few reasons she will always be a part of my life.

Adam Covington