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Our designs are customized to your setting and style, ranging from simple elegance to extravagant grandeur. We take pride in meticulous execution to deliver stunning floral arrangements At Ellabank, we’re dedicated to crafting beautiful builds.

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meet Ellie

From a young age, I have been drawn to creative pursuits, and my journey led me to discover the enchanting world of floral design. I pour my heart into every arrangement I create, infusing each floral arrangement with my unique flair and vision.

I love the initial meeting with clients to discuss their vision and bringing it to life in the end. There is no better feeling than seeing the joy + happiness come across our client’s face on the day of their event.

I specialize in designing individual floral pieces for ceremony arbors, and extravagant backdrop installations, along with lush + full bouquets.

When I’m not waist deep in floral stems you can catch me enjoying French fries & ranch with my husband, Kyle, and our big fluffy girl, Olive.

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We’ll travel to any site in Eastern Iowa, Central Iowa, or Western Illinois. Here are some popular venues we partner with regularly.

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