About Us

We Build

Floral + Design

Luscious arbors, over-the-top installations

Our builds are proportionate to your setting and specific to your aesthetic.

They can be beautifully simplistic or elaborate and larger than life.

Our team prides ourselves on the details and execution to deliver an amazing result.

Here at Ellabank, we thrive on creating a gorgeous build!

Our Florists


Lead Florist & Creative Director

I have always enjoyed being creative in my work. After exploring floral design, I realized that is where I want to be. I love meeting with clients to discuss their initial vision and bringing it to life in the end. There is no better feeling than seeing the joy + happiness come across our client’s face on the day of their event. I specialize in designing individual floral pieces for ceremony arbors, and extravagant backdrop installations, along with lush + full bouquets.

When I’m not waist deep in floral stems you can catch me enjoying French fries & ranch with my husband, Kyle, and our big fluffy puppy, Olive.

Our Process

– Initial Complementary Consultation

    – Floral Design Created

    – Revision Meeting

    – Invoice / Contracting

    – Finalize details 30 days before event

    – Final check in 1 day before event

    – Day of Event install


Then we take your vision, infuse it with our creativity and make it come to life!